Vince McMahon Doesn't Get HD TV, WWE Signs Huge Wrestler

With WWE’s recent switch to High Definition there have been many complaints about several cable providers not offering the USA Network or Sci-Fi channel in HD. Humorously enough, Cablevision, the cable provider that services the Greenwich, CT area including Vince McMahon’s family mansion does not offer either network in High Definition. No doubt that Vince could get the shows in HD via satellite; it’s still likely he’s not thrilled about his own cable provider not offering the service.

An indy wrestler in the Carolinas that goes by the name Janus told coworkers two weekends ago that he has signed a developmental deal with World Wrestling Entertainment and will begin training in FCW soon. He is said to be a huge African-American with the right look, so to speak, compared to the same stature of Bobby Lashley. He was trained in Virginia Championship Wrestling and debuted about a year ago.