Big Show Update, Morrizon/Miz's Dirt Sheet, More

- Paul "Big Show" Wight, who is still scheduled to make his WWE return shortly, turned 36 years old yesterday.

- WWE Tag Team Champions John Morrison and The Miz have debuted their weekly video segment on where they claim to "dish the dirt" on the WWE locker room. Their new feature is called "Dirt Sheet." Other Superstar video segments that have recently debuted are Santino Marella's "Santino's Casa" and John Bradshaw Layfield's "JBL'$ Take."

- WWE is going with a storyline injury for Jamie Noble, at the hands of Chuck Palumbo on SmackDown last night. WWE is saying Noble re-injured his bruised ribs. WWE is really pushing the attack from Palumbo as something huge. If you missed SmackDown, they actually gave the angle a solid 10 minutes which came across as really drawn out.