Current WrestleMania Plans; Vince's Match?

Early plans for WrestleMania 24 have Triple H facing John Cena for the WWE Title, which would mean Triple H wins the Elimination Chamber and Cena takes the belt from Orton at No Way Out. There also has been rumblings of a 3-way with Orton, Triple H and Cena at WrestleMania. Either way, Triple H is likely to be wrestling for the gold in the main event at WrestleMania. It's being said Triple H has politicking backstage in WWE very hard since the Rumble on Sunday night.

The expected SmackDown main event is still Edge vs. The Undertaker, which would mean both men win their matches at No Way Out. MVP vs. Matt Hardy for the WWE United States Championship is still being planned and of course the Money in the Bank match. The rest of the big stars such as Hardy, Kennedy and Orton (if he's not in the main event) are expected to be thrown into the MITB match.

What about Mr. McMahon at WrestleMania? There has been talk of doing something between him and Finlay over Hornswoggle, although not necessarily a singles match. Possible matches are Vince vs. Mick Foley, Foley vs. Shane McMahon or Finlay & Foley vs. Shane & Vince.