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Along with's new design they have added a pay-per-view schedule for the next eight months on every page.

-- The voice of RAW Jim Ross will be announcing the starting offensive and defensive lineups for the Oklahoma Sooners against Texas A&M on ABC this Saturday.

-- The following matches have been added to the November 2007 schedule of WWE 24/7:
- Raw: Episode 5 February 15, 1993
- Introducing: Carlito - SmackDown, Carlito vs. John Cena October 7, 2004 Bonus feature: Exclusive interview with Carlito on his debut.
- Survivor Series: Savage, Duggan, Roberts, Steamboat & Beefcake vs. Honky Tonk Man, Race, Davis, Hercules & Bass November 26, 1987
- Survivor Series: Tag Team Elimination Match November 24, 1988
- Survivor Series: The Hulkamaniacs vs. The Million Dollar Team November 23, 1989
- Survivor Series: Team Flair vs. Team Piper November 27, 1991
- History of the Intercontinental Title: Part VI
- NWA Starrcade: Ole & Arn Anderson vs. Wahoo McDaniel & Billy Jack Haynes November 28, 1985
- WCCW: David, Fritz, & Mike Von Erich vs. The Fabulous Freebirds May 6, 1984
- SmackDown: Eddie & Chavo Guerrero vs. The World's Greatest Tag Team September 18, 2003