WWE Smackdown Results

The Major Brothers defeated Dave Taylor & Drew McIntyre ( Galloway ) in a dark match. The Major Brothers, who are originally from Long Island, rolled up Dave Taylor for the win.

Batista and Undertaker had a segment where they both decided to call a truce for the night. Later, they will face Mark Henry and The Great Khali in a match. It was a cookie cutter setup to a match. Khali and Henry come down and confront them to preview the tag match.

Festus (with Jesse) defeated Deuce (with Domino and Cherry). It was pretty bogus that these guys weren't in a Tag Match. I do however like Festus a lot. It was fine for what it was.

Rey Mysterio defeated Jamie Noble. Noble confronted Vickie Guerrero and she set up the match. Noble lasts a lot longer than expected. Actually he lasted a bit too long. Rey is very over with the kids, but this match was quite boring.

Kane defeated MVP. This match was pretty bland as well. In fact, boring chants even broke out. Surprisingly, this was by far the worst match of the night.

Mick Foley defeated The Coach (with Hornswoggle McMahon as the special referee). I have no idea why this match was on the card. Maybe its because Foley is a Long Island boy. It may have not been filmed for TV. But regardless, it was stuck in the middle of the tapings.

Chuck Palumbo (with Michelle McCool) defeated Kenny Dykstra (with Victoria). Believe it or not Chuck Palumbo is pretty over. Why? I have no idea (probably the bike). This was a bad match too.

Batista & Undertaker vs. Mark Henry & The Great Khali ended in a no contest. This was the only match tonight that had a big match feel to it. JBL interfered for no apparent reason and clotheslines Batista. That was the finish. Khali and Henry leave Batista and Undertaker laid out to end the show.