Y2J's WWE Return; Tonight Or RAW? A Detailed Look

There's a lot of speculation going into tonight's Cyber Sunday pay-per-view that Chris Jericho may finally make his return to WWE. Of course, anything is possible but Jericho has a packed schedule for today. The former WWE Undisputed Champion will be signing books today at 2pm in Fort Bragg, NC at the North Post PX. Jericho could easily make the trip from Fort Bragg up to Washington, DC in time for a PPV appearance. He is also scheduled for a phone interview with the Crime and Punishment radio show out of Winnipeg, Chris' hometown. The interview is set to start at the same time Cyber Sunday goes on the air and the main topic of the show is the Chris Benoit case.

As far as RAW tomorrow night, Jericho is scheduled for a book signing in Philadelphia at the University of Pennsylvania Book Store from 5:30PM until 7PM. Afterwards, he is set to be interviewed by wrestling journalist Bill Apter. Seeing as how RAW is in Philadelphia tomorrow night, it's possible that after wrapping up all the media stuff, Jericho could dash over to the arena for a RAW appearance.

As we all know, with the WWE and Jericho, anything is possible. I guess we'll just have to wait and see.