Welcome to our live coverage of Cyber Sunday

Welcome to our live coverage of Cyber Sunday from the Verizon Center in Washington, DC. We're looking for your thoughts on tonight's show so please feel free to post your comments and join in.

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Rey Mysterio vs. Fit Finlay opens the show. They are doing a stretcher match in a close vote over no DQ.

The bell rings as this stretcher match is underway. Finlay and Mysterio lock up to start the event. They are broken up as a confrontation between the two competitors take place. Finlay and Rey exchange smacks to their faces. Finlay goes for the upper hand, getting Rey on the mat.

Finlay goes to work on Rey as the match goes to the outside. Rey is first on the stretcher as Finlay pushes him off. Finlay supplexes Rey onto the stretcher. The fight continues on the outside as Finlay attempts to get Rey on the stretcher.

Rey is able to counter but Finlay maintains control. Mysterio is laying down on the outside as Finlay pushes the stretcher close to the ring. Rey rolls into the ring, Finlay follows.

The match returns to the ring as Finlay nails Rey with an uppercut. Finlay goes to the outside, bouncing Rey's head off the apron (who is still in the ring). Finlay gets back in as the crowd starts the Finlay sucks chants. Rey finally counters with some of his high flying maneuvers.

Rey knocks Finlay to the outside he is now in control of the bout after head scissors. Rey tries to push the stretcher over the finish line as Finlay pushes himself off of it. Finlay is back in control as he rolls Mysterio into the ring. Rey is dazed as Finlay looks to gain control.

Finlay goes for the Shilleglah that is hanging on a pole in one corner of the ring but Rey counters him away from it. No Rey goes for the Shilleglah but Finlay pulls him off of the top turnbuckle. Finlay begins to climb towards the Shilleglah. Rey goes after him and counters by sending him to the mat. Rey hits the mat as well.

Mysterio gets the Shilleglah but Finlay takes it from him. Finlay connects on Mysterio with the Shilleglah and sends him to the outside. Once on the outside Finlay works on the knee of Mysterio with the Shilleglah. Finlay goes up the ramp to get the stretcher. There are no rules in this match up. Rey is back in the ring and hits a baseball slide on Finlay. Mysterio goes for a dive outside but lands on the apron as Finlay got back in the ring.

Finlay counters and the fight continues on the outside. Finlay uses the stretcher as a battering ram. Finlay nails several right hands on the outside. He pushes the stretcher towards Rey, but he counters. Rey is now pushing the stretcher into Finlay as he hits a modified 619!

Mysterio dives out of the ring onto Finlay who is on the stretcher. Mysterio pushes the stretcher towards the finish line but Finlay had the stretcher tied up in a cord.

Finlay counters and goes for the Shilleglah but Rey counters. Out of nowhere he gets Finlay face first on the stretcher and pushes him across the finish line. Mysterio has won!
Winner - Rey Mysterio

Backstage Segment - Matt Hardy/MVP
Michael Cole says that there is a possibility that Matt Hardy will not be able to compete tonight due to an injury suffered in his match on SmackDown. They show images of Hardy's injury and backstage photos of him getting medical attention.
We go backstage to Matt Hardy and MVP. MVP says he knows Hardy is disappointed and that he is disappointed too. MVP says he agrees with the medical professionals not clearing him to compete tonight. MVP says that Hardy is his tag team partner and his friend and he doesn't want him to have any complications from his injury.

MVP says he is ready to go. Matt says well apparently that is what Vickie Guerrero thought too. He says that he heard MVP is still going to be competing tonight. Hardy says that MVP will be competing tonight for the United States Championship against Mark Henry, The Great Khali, or Kane. MVP looks stunned and says he has to go talk to Vickie.

Change To Tonight's Card - Full Details
MVP vs. Matt Hardy has been changed to MVP vs. the fans' choice of The Great Khali, Mark Henry, or Kane for the United States Championship.

Matt Hardy is not medically cleared to work tonight's match.

Backstage Segment - Divas Campaigning
We're backstage with Maria campaigning to get voted in tonight's Diva Halloween Costume contest. She says that she is a pussycat and to vote for her.

We go to a segment with Victoria campaigning as a sumo wrestler in a hilarious outfit. Ron Simmons shows up - DAMN!

CM Punk vs. Opponent To Be Named
The forthcoming match is for the ECW Championship. CM Punk makes his way to ringside with his ECW title as he his formally announced.

We go to Joey Styles and Tazz who discuss the difficulty of not knowing your opponent. We go back to Todd Grisham in the Cyber Sunday control center at ringside.
Todd reveals the three choices of Big Daddy V, The Miz, and John Morrison. The three competitors are standing by backstage

Grisham reveals that The Miz will face CM Punk for the ECW Championship. Here he comes!

CM Punk vs. The Miz
The bell rings and we are underway for the ECW Championship. Punk and Miz circle each other and lockup. The Miz connects somewhat of a belly-to-back supplex but Punk counters immediately. Miz counters with a headlock, but Punk works his way out quickly.

Punk gets The Miz on the mat as the referee checks Miz's shoulders. Both performers are back to their feet as Punk gets a quick two count. Punk locks the headlock on the mat. Miz counters with head scissors but Punk counters. More submission holds are applied, no one has the opening control as of yet

Miz has Punk on his feet and connects with some punches. Punk counters with a leg lariat. He hits a backhand chop to the Miz, sending him to the mat. Punk goes for a sling shot supplex but Miz counters. Punk counters and gets a two count. Miz responds timely, working on Punk for control.

Miz goes to the top rope but takes too long as Punk gets up and goes for a supplex off the top rope. Somehow Miz is able to counter out, sending the Champion to the ground. Miz gets down and kicks Punk in the fact. Miz gets a quick one count.

Miz slams Punk's head off of one of the turnbuckles as he goes to continue his attack. Miz gets another one count. He applies a half nelson. The crowd starts a loud "you can't wrestle" chant.

Punk counters and nails a high risk maneuver. Both men are shaken up as Punk is able to get a two count. Miz counters with some high flying maneuvers of his own. He gets a two count on CM Punk. Miz continues to work on Punk as the crowd begins to chant "Y2J".

Miz nails a big supplex and goes back to the top rope. Punk counters him off with a huge hip toss. Both men are shaken up once again as the referee starts the double count out.

Punk goes to work with right hands, elbows, and backhand chops. Punk hits several right leg kicks to the face of The Miz. Punk gets Miz to the mat as he goes off the top rope for Air Punk. He gets a two count.

Punk gets Miz up looking for GTS, but Miz counters for a bridge pin. Punk nails GTS and gets the pinfall

After the match we go to replays followed by camera shots of CM Punk celebrating with his ECW Championship belt in the ring. Joey Styles and Tazz put over Punk.

Match Announced For ECW On Sci Fi
It is announced that we will see Kane, The Great Khali, Big Daddy V, and Mark Henry in a Battle Royal on Tuesday's show.

Backstage Segment - Divas Campaigning
We go to footage of Mickie James campaigning for the Costume contest as an Indian and Torrie Wilson as a Washington Redskins football player. The Washington Redskins got beat 52-7 earlier tonight by the New England Patriots.

Orton's Opponent Revealed; Another Match Added To Card
We're back at ringside with Todd Grisham and William Regal who say we are about to find out who will face Randy Orton for the WWE Championship. Regal says that the two superstars who were not chosen will compete in a match coming up next.

Randy Orton will face Shawn Michaels for the WWE Championship later tonight. Kennedy will face Jeff Hardy coming up next. We go to Jerry "The King" Lawler and Jim Ross who discuss the main event.

Mr. Kennedy vs. Jeff Hardy
Kennedy is out first followed by Jeff Hardy. It is interesting to note that Kennedy doesn't announce himself as usual obviously saving time for the match.

Despite Jeff Hardy being the Intercontinental Champion, this is a non-title match up.

The bell rings and this bonus match is underway. Kennedy and Hardy circle one another as they lockup. Both are going for opening control as the crowd chants "Hardy". Hardy gets Kennedy in a side headlock takeover.

Both men lockup again looking for the opening control. Some brief exchanges are made but just submission holds with nothing notable. Hardy counters out of one hold and is able to get a one count on Kennedy. Hardy applies a headlock to Kennedy.

Kennedy is able to counter and get a near fall. He applies a headlock on the IC Champion. Kennedy is using the ground attack to his advantage, trying to take away Hardy's high flying strategy. Hardy is able to reverse Kennedy's headlock. Kennedy begins to take control as he whips Hardy into the ropes. Hardy counters, throws Kennedy to the outside, and follows with a high flying maneuver to the outside. Hardy brings it back to the inside for a short two count.

Hardy continues to work on Kennedy with hard right hands but Kennedy counters by throwing Jeff Hardy to the outside. Kennedy regroups in the ring as Hardy is down on the outside.

Jeff tries to climb back into the ring but as soon as he does Kennedy connects with a hard boot to Hardy's head. Kennedy gets a two count.

Kennedy applies a neck vice to Jeff Hardy. The referee checks for submission

Jeff Hardy is able to get back to his feet and momentarily counters but Kennedy nails a huge DDT. Kennedy gets a two count and is now extremely frustrated.

Kennedy continues to keep Hardy grounded on the mat applying a submission hold. Hardy counters but Kennedy hits a clothesline and a two count. Kennedy goes to the top turnbuckle but Hardy counters hitting head scissors off of the top rope. Both men are shaken up as the referee starts the double count out

Kennedy starts to work on Hardy but Hardy nails two huge clotheslines. Hardy's first clothesline is compared to that of JBL's clothesline from hell. Hardy gets a two count as Kennedy tries to counter. Hardy hits Whisper in the Wind and gets another two count.

Hardy hits a right hand but Kennedy starts to counter. It doesn't last long as Hardy goes for another high risk maneuver but Kennedy is able to counter out of nowhere and score the pinfall.
Winner - Mr. Kennedy

Michael Cole & JBL Discuss New Match
We go to Michael Cole and JBL talking about how much fun Cyber Sunday is. They put over tonight's newly added match between MVP and the choice of either Mark Henry, The Great Khali, or Kane. Cole votes on the air for Kane.

Backstage Segment - Divas Campaigning
Michelle McCool is backstage as Eve. Melina is in a very sexy outfit as a Vegas Showgirl.

Backstage Segment - Mick Foley
We go back to Mick Foley backstage as he delivers his rebuttal to JBL. Foley is wearing his custom spray painted referee shirt. Foley tells the fans to vote for him.

Mick Foley/JBL Confrontation
We cut to a shot of Mick Foley backstage. JBL interrupts and shows an advertisement promoting him as the guest referee of tonight’s World Heavyweight Championship match between Batista and The Undertaker.

MVP vs. Opponent To Be Announced
The forthcoming match is for the WWE United States Championship. MVP is out first as he awaits his opponent.

We go back to Todd Grisham who is accompanied by SmackDown's General Manager Vickie Guerrero. We go to a shot of Mark Henry, The Great Khali, and Kane backstage. Kane is announced as MVP's opponent for the United States Championship.

Kane’s music hits as he makes his way to ringside. Kane’s music hits as he makes his way to ringside.

The referee holds up the United States Championship. The bell rings and we are underway. Kane goes quickly for MVP as he jumps out of the ring. MVP removes his shirt on the outside. The referee starts counting him out.

Kane goes to the top turnbuckle but MVP hits him in the ribs. MVP goes on the offensive as Kane is in obvious pain. MVP nails a big boot to the face of Kane and gets a two count.

MVP continues his attack but it doesn't last much longer as Kane takes out his legs. Kane goes to work on MVP's ribs.

Kane stomps the throat of MVP as he brings him to his feet. Kane nails a backbreaker slam on the United States Champion. He continues to boot MVP in the face as he picks him up and drives him into the corner. Kane delivers his shoulder's to MVP's gut as Kane asks him how he likes it.

Kane hits some more kicks sending MVP down. Kane goes to the outside, working on the ribs of MVP who is still in the ring. The referee makes him break the maneuver but the damage has been done as MVP regroups on the outside. The referee starts to count him out.

MVP remains on the outside getting himself counted out but the championship does not change hands.

Winner - Kane (via count out, MVP retains US Championship)

Backstage Segment - Divas Campaigning
Leyla is a police officer, Kelly Kelly is a "gangsta". They are both campaigning for tonight's Diva Halloween Costume Contest.

During the break another SAVE_US video aired as well as a Survivor Series promo featuring Edge who says that he's feeling a little bitter.

Backstage Segment - WWE Champion Randy Orton
We go to a shot of Randy Orton who says to be careful what you wish for because you just might get it. He says he wants to remind the fans some of the things that have happened to Shawn Michaels courtesy of Randy Orton.

Following the video package of Michaels' history with Randy Orton. Orton says that "you people" have made a choice and they along with Shawn Michaels have to live with that choice.

Randy Orton vs. Shawn Michaels
The forthcoming match is for the WWE Championship. WWE Champion Randy Orton is first to ringside as Lilian Garcia formally introduces him.

Shawn Michaels enters with the support of the fans. The match for the WWE Championship is up right now!

The referee holds up the WWE Championship and searches both competitors. The crowd gets hot for the match as the referee rings the bell and we are officially underway.

Both the Challenger and the Champion circle on another and lockup. The referee separates them as they go to lockup again. Orton kicks HBK in the ribs and attacks with some right hands. Michaels counters, sending Orton to the mat. He gets up and is greeted by a series of backhand chops from HBK. Orton goes to the outside but Orton dives over the top rope to the outside.

Orton is down on the outside as Michaels goes back in to regroup. HBK goes back to get Orton to keep him from being counted out. Orton goes back on the offensive almost as soon as he gets back in the ring. Orton locks a front face lock on Michaels on the mat.

Michaels appears to be in control as he goes to work on the right arm of Randy Orton.

Michaels nails a hammerlock slam on Orton. He applies an overhand wrist lock on the Champion. Orton goes for the ropes with his feet trying to break the hold. It doesn't happen as Michaels continues to work on him. Somehow Orton is able to get leverage for a count but HBK never lost control. Michaels continues to work on the right arm of Randy Orton.

Orton finally gets out of the hold, he goes back on the offensive with right hands to the face of Shawn Michaels. Michaels counters quickly, going to the left arm of Randy Orton. Michaels nails a reverse back supplex with an arm bar. The fight goes back to the mat with HBK getting the Champion in a side headlock.

Michaels still has the side headlock applied but Orton is finally able to counter out. Orton goes to work with right hands to the face of Shawn Michaels. HBK is able to send Orton over the top rope with a tremendous counter.

Michaels goes to the outside after Orton but he is greeted with a supplex on the security wall. Orton continues to work on the back of Michaels as he rolls him back into the ring. Orton applies a half nelson into the lateral press. He stands above Michaels, planning his next move.

Orton stomps the back of Shawn Michaels as he appears to be in tremendous pain. The crowd begins to chant "HBK". Orton looks determined as he favors his right arm. Michaels gets up and connects some back hand chops. Orton counters with a textbook standing drop kick. Orton gets a two count.

Michaels gets back to his feet as he is able to get Orton in a pin, getting a near fall. Orton gets Michaels back to his feet and hits some right hands. HBK counters again, attempts a supplex but Orton lifts him up. HBK counters with a cross body. He gets a long two count.

Orton counters again with an inverted back breaker. The Champion gets a two count. Michaels goes to the top turnbuckle, Orton follows where a fight ensues. Orton goes for a supplex but HBK is able to fight it off. Michaels is able to beat Orton off him and back onto the mat. Michaels goes off the top rope, nobody home!

Both men are dazed as the referee starts the double count out. Orton gets to his feet first and he's in viper mode. Orton stalks the Challenger obviously planning an RKO. Orton goes for it but Michaels gets a counter and another long two count.

Orton begins to counter as he connects some right hands on Michaels. Michaels counters with some backhand chops. Michaels connects another maneuver but it gets him dazed as well. Both men are down as the double count out begins. HBK jumps up quickly and goes back on the offensive. Huge scoop slam as Michaels goes to the top rope. He's taking a lot of time but nails a flying elbow on Orton.

Randy Orton vs. Shawn Michaels - Update #18
Michaels is tuning up Sweet Chin Music as the crowd is behind him. Orton gets up but Michaels misses after he ducks. Orton hits a low blow on Michaels and is disqualified.

Winner - Shawn Michaels via DQ (Orton retains WWE Championship)

Following the match Orton holds the WWE Championship as the referee checks on Shawn Michaels who is in the ring selling the low blow. Orton stands over Michaels, favoring his right arm.

The match is over Michaels wins via DQ and Orton retains the WWE Championship. Orton sets up to kick Michaels in the head but HBK gets up and nails Sweet Chin Music! HBK's music plays as Orton lays motionless in the ring.

Orton is still down selling Sweet Chin Music as HBK celebrates on the turnbuckles. We go to replays.

We're back live as Michaels makes his way to the back. Orton looks on from the ring with the WWE Championship.

Backstage Segment - Divas Campaigning
The second diva was Jillian who was Britney. They were campaigning for the Diva Halloween Costume Contest later tonight.

Triple H vs. Umaga The next match will either be a Street Fight, a First Blood Match, or a Cage Match between Triple H and Umaga. We are shown a promotional video leading up to the making of the bout.
Todd Grisham reveals that the fans chose a Street Fight. The crowd doesn't seem too excited about the decision but Jim Ross tells King he's looking forward to it.

Triple H is out first, water in hand.

Umaga is out next and the bell rings almost immediately. The fight starts on the ramp. Umaga throws Triple H hard towards the begging of the entrance ramp as Triple H counters with a quick Pedigree attempt. Umaga and Triple H continue to battle for control.

The fight is behind the Cyber Sunday backdrop on the entrance ramp but Triple H comes through the wall with Umaga. The referee is watching but is useless in a street fight. Triple H racks Umaga's head off the security gate twice.

The fight continues all over the arena as they are in the crowd. Finally Triple H flips Umaga back out to ringside. Triple H climbs the security date and gets the match in the ring for the first time.

Triple H continues his attack with right hands inside the ring. Somehow Umaga is still standing. Triple H gets out of the ring and brings in a trash can. He picks it up and nails Umaga across the face. Triple H gets a two count.

The trash can is bent bad as Triple H goes for a second shot, Umaga counters with a Samoan Drop. Umaga looks to go on the offensive with The Game down in the ring. Umaga lands on Triple H's sternum.

Umaga buries his head into the midsection of Triple H as he uses the ropes for leverage. Triple H is still down in the ring as Umaga continues to work on him.

Umaga takes the fight to the outside, man handling Triple H. Umaga slings Triple H into the steel ring stairs. Umaga rolls The Game back into the ring. Umaga is taking his time.

Umaga gets a two count in the ring following a one leg drop. Umaga gets The Game back to his feet where he takes another shot at the ribs of Triple H. Umaga lands a huge right hand to the face of Triple H.

Triple H finally starts to counter with some right hands of his own but Umaga stops it quickly. Umaga bear hugs Triple H, looking to regain control of the Street Fight.

Right hands from Triple H but Umaga counters with a supplex. Triple H is down in the ring as Umaga hits some of his right hands. Umaga sets The Game up in the corner of the ring where he slams his back side into the face of Triple H. Umaga gets a two count.

Umaga gets another two count but it's not enough. Umaga goes outside for a steel chair. Umaga goes for a shot with the chair on Triple H but he counters with a low blow. Triple H nails a DDT on Umaga onto the steel chair. Triple H gets a two count.

Triple H connects some more right hands to the face of Umaga but Umaga begins to counter. Triple H hits a facebuster and sets up the Pedigree but Umaga overpowers him. Umaga throws Triple H to the corner but the Cerebral Assassin counters with his feet to the face of the Samoan Bulldozer.

Umaga is just too powerful as he throws The Game around like a rag doll. Triple H goes to the outside, looking for another weapon as Umaga stops him. Umaga clears off all three announce tables and grabs a steel chair. He misses a shot to Triple H's face but throws him over the SmackDown announce table.

Umaga bounces Triple H's head off of the announce table as he sets him up on the ECW announce table. Umaga gets on the SmackDown announce and runs to the ECW table where he lands on Triple H. Triple H goes straight through the ECW announce table.

We see a replay where Umaga actually jumped from the SmackDown table to the ECW announce table. Umaga drags The Game to outside of the ring where Triple H rolls himself back in. The referee tries to calm Umaga down as he stares at the announcers. Meanwhile Triple H is laying in the middle of the ring. Umaga goes off the top rope head first but nobody's home!

Umaga is down in the center of the ring as The Game rolls himself to the outside. Triple H looks under the ring for another weapon, he finds the sledgehammer. Triple H gets in the ring, sledgehammer in hand.

Umaga gets to his feet the same time Triple H gets to him. Umaga goes for the Samoan Spike but Triple H ducks out of the way and connects with the sledgehammer. Triple H hits the Pedigree and gets the three count.

Winner - Triple H

Following the match both men are shaken up in the ring. The referee checks on both of them. We go to replays.

We're back to a live shot of Triple H making his way to the back with the sledgehammer in his hand.

Diva Halloween Contest
We are taken to Todd Grisham who has the divas in front of him. Mickie James is revealed as the WWE Diva Halloween Contest winner!

Tonight's Special Guest Referee Announced
Todd Grisham is back out to announce the special guest referee for tonight's main event between Batista and The Undertaker. JBL interrupts Grisham and gets in the ring with a microphone. He says he knows what his great fans did for him. Mick Foley's music hits as he comes to ringside.
Grisham gets back on the mic and reveals Stone Cold Steve Austin wins overwhelmingly. JBL and Mick Foley go at it in the ring.

Stone Cold Steve Austin's music hits as he makes his way to the ring. Austin gives Foley a Stunner, but JBL nails him with a clotheslines. JBL goes to work on Austin in the corner of the ring. JBL flips Austin off, mocking him. Austin counters for a moment but JBL goes for the Clothesline from Hell. It doesn't last as Austin counters and hits JBL with a Stunner. Austin's music resumes as he pumps the crowd.

The Undertaker vs. Batista
Stone Cold Steve Austin is the special guest referee in the forthcoming match for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship. The Undertaker is out first with his usual elaborate entrance.

The World Heavyweight Champion Batista is out next with the belt around his waist. He comes out to his usual array of fireworks behind him.

Site Note: we just hit 7,000 Readers Thank you all

It should be noted that this match is being called by Michael Cole and Jerry "The King" Lawler due to JBL's "injuries" from Steve Austin's attack.

The bell rings and were off. Undertaker and Batista lock up and struggle for opening control. Undertaker nails a big boot to the face of The Champion after whipping him off of the ropes. Undertaker gets a quick two count.

Undertaker goes to work on the Champion, looking immediately at the right arm. Austin keeps things fair, breaking one of Undertaker's holds. Batista uses this to his advantage and unloads on Undertaker.

Batista continues his attack with right hands to the face of The Undertaker. Undertaker counters, sending Batista to the ground as he gets a two count by referee Austin. Undertaker goes for a triangle choke. Batista is able to get to the ropes, breaking the hold. Undertaker goes to the outside and works on Batista's head which is exposed on the apron.

Undertaker gets a two count and goes back to work on the Champion.

Clearly The Undertaker has the upper hand but loses it when he attempts a knee to Batista's back. Perhaps this is the opening that Batista needs to get back in the match. He kicks Undertaker in the face, taking the fight to the outside. Batista racks Undertaker's head off the security gate and the ring stairs. He nails an inverted atomic drop and rolls Undertaker back in the ring.

Undertaker is able to get Batista off of him, slamming him to the middle of the ring. Undertaker immediately goes for the cover, he gets a two count.

Undertaker misses a high risk maneuver and goes to the outside. Batista follows him and rolls him back into the ring. Batista works on the small of Undertaker's back. He gets a two count.

Undertaker is able to counter Batista to the outside. Undertaker follows to go back on the offensive. The Deadman gets Batista back in the ring but stays on the outside, attacking him on the apron. Undertaker connects a huge leg drop on the ring apron on Batista. Austin checks the Champion.

Batista is rolled back into the ring by the Challenger. Undertaker only gets a two count from referee Austin.

Undertaker connects two huge clotheslines to Batista who is in the corner. Batista counters with snake eyes and hits a clothesline of his own. The Champion gets a two count. Batista goes for the Batista Bomb but Undertaker regains control by over powering him.

Undertaker goes to work on Batista in the corner but counters. He dives head first into the ring post, slamming his shoulder hard. Undertaker does some rope walking with Batista but he counters. Batista goes for the cover but Undertaker locks the triangle choke in the center of the ring.

Referee Steve Austin checks the Champion for submission as Undertaker has this triangle choke applied to Batista on the mat. Batista counters with a pin which causes Undertaker to break. Undertaker goes for a chokeslam but Batista fights him off. Undertaker goes for it again, CONNECTS!

Batista kicks out of a two count. Undertaker is still in control as he stalks The Animal as he gets up. Undertaker goes for the Tombstone Piledriver but Batista counters and nails the Spear. Batista only gets a two count.

Undertaker gets a long two count, it looked very close to three. Undertaker thought he had it but stands up a signals it is time for Batista to Rest In Peace. Undertaker goes for the Tombstone but Batista counters with a huge spinebuster. He gets a two count.

Batista nails a Batista Bomb and gets a long two count. Undertaker is still alive in the match as Batista looks up at Austin astonished. Batista looks like he is going to snap as he begs Undertaker to get up. He nails a second Batista Bomb. 1, 2, 3, Batista wins!

Winner - Batista (retains World Heavyweight Championship)

After the match
Steve Austin picks up the World Heavyweight Championship and gives it to Batista. We go to replays.

We're back live as Batista makes his way to the back with the World Heavyweight Championship. Michael Cole thanks everyone for voting and ordering as Cyber Sunday goes off the air.

This concludes our exclusive live pay-per-view coverage thanks for joining us

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