Rob Van Dam Speaks Out Over Controversial Issue

Rob Van Dam posted a new blog entry on his page today. In it, he addresses the largely debated issue of health insurance and wrestlers. While I do not normally offer opinions in my news posts, he makes an excellent point, below is what he wrote:

"If you haven't heard any of my interviews on the subject of wrestlers being taken advantage of, I offer an honest but probably different opinion than most. Forget the wrestler's union. It'll never happen. Wrestlers are all replaceable and have nowhere else to go anyway. Are you surprised when you hear that wrestler's don't get insurance benefits? Big deal. We are independent contractors, just like the guy you paid to paint your house. If the painter signs a contract that says he will work for you for 3 years, and work for no one else and give ownership of any plans or ideas created or used on the job to you, and he gives you the right to amend the contract on your side to implement dress codes and fines and wellness programs and whatever else you decide along the way, that's the deal he made. If you are paying him enough money so he can get his own insurance, set up his own retirement funds, and you take care of getting him to the job and back home, what's the problem? He's not an employee. He's self-employed. Would he rather have less pay, but get insurance through you? Probably not, especially since he's covered if he gets hurt on the job anyway. Make sense? I hope I cleared some questions up for you and gave you a different angle to see the situation from. I admit as quickly as anyone that the job is way challenging, but it's a challenge we agree to. That's why I finished the agreement that I made and now I'm done. For the moment, anyway."