ECW On Sci-Fi Results October 30, 2007


ECW on Sci Fi for October 30th opened with a "Halloween" video hyping the Monster Mash Battle Royale later tonight. The ECW entranceway is also done up in a Halloween style. They announced that Miz and John Morrison would be wrestling later tonight to determine the number one contender to CM Punk's ECW Title.

Elijah Burke vs. Jimmy Wang Yang.

Burke will be on Sci-Fi's live Ghost Hunters special tomorrow night. Yang, of course, is from Smackdown and is on ECW as part of the "talent agreement" between the brands. Burke got on the mic and cut a promo about how he can't stand "working class people" like Yang. Burke grabbed a side headlock at the start and hit a shoulderblock, but Yang came back with a lapfrog, back elbow and standing moonsault for a two count. Burke backdropped Yang to the apron and rammed him shoulder first into the ringpost, sending him to the floor. Burke rammed Yang into another post on the floor, then brought him into the ring and stomped him. Burke dropped a knee on Yang's arm and worked it over with a wristlock. Yang punched out of it, but Burke hit a knee to the gut and delivered a shoulderbreaker. Burke continued to work on the arm, but Yang fought back with shoulderblocks to the midsection, then a legsweep and a pair of clotheslines. Burke hit Yang with a boot to the chest and flipped over the top rope to the apron. Burke went to the top rope, but as he dove off, Yang caught him with a spinkick. Yang scored a two count, Yang rammed Burke into a corner and went for the top rope moonsault, but Burke sidestepped it. Yang landed on his feet, but Burke threw him shoulder first into the ringpost, then hit the Elijah Express (double running knee to the back) for the pin at the five minute mark.

Winner: Elijah Burke.

Kane did a promo about how he has been facing "monsters" his whole life, and that the Monster Mash Battle Royale, for him, was a "dream come true".

They recapped the "DX reformation" from Raw.

Backstage, Nunzio, dressed as Dracula, was escorting a group of trick or treaters backstage. They approached a skull carrying Balls Mahoney, who gave candy to the kids (and Nunzio). Next up was CM Punk, who also gave them candy. Nunzio noted Punk's lack of costume, and he said he was dressed as "The ECW World Champion" and noted he had a match tonight. Next up was the Boogeyman, and Nunzio ran off scared. The kids stood their ground .... and Boogeyman put handfuls of worms into their bags.

Nunzio (still in Dracula gear) vs. Tommy Dreamer (dressed as Paul Heyman).

This was a "Trick Or Treat Match, contested under Extreme Rules". There were pies, whipped cream, apples for bobbing in a metal tub, and other things spread around ringside. Nunzio tried a kick to the gut, but Dreamer had a pillow in his shirt to give himself a bigger gut, and it cushioned the blow. Nunzio hit some kicks to the leg, but Dreamer yanked Nunzio to the mat by the collar, then his a face buster. Nunzio knocked Dreamer to the floor, but missed a pescado. Dreamer hit Nunzio with a pumpkin. Dreamer sucked down some whipped cream, then put some on a pie and rammed it in Nunzio's face. Nunzio floated over a slam and rammed Dreamer into the ringpost. Nunzio used apples and whipped cream, but slipped on the floor when he went to use a pumpkin. Dreamer dunked Guido in the tub used to hold the bobbing apples, then dumped the tub on himself. Back in the ring, Dreamer pulled out a cell phone, then hit Nunzio with it. Dreamer put Nunzio in the tree of woe, put the metal tub in front of him, and hit a baseball slide dropkick, knocking it into Nunzio's face. Dreamer hit a DDT for the win at the four minute mark. For the whole match, Tazz and Joey Styles tried to figure out who Dreamer was dressed as, but could never "figure it out".

Winner: Tommy Dreamer.

A horror movie-style package was done on the Great Khali, talking about how he is a monster, and voiced over by a Boris Karloff-soundalike.

They aired a commercial putting over the return of DX and Stone Cold Steve Austin next week on Raw, calling it the "Event Of The Year".

They showed some fans in the crowd that had showed up in costume.

They recapped the Divas Battle Royale from last night, including Beth Phoenix beating up Kelly Kelly after the match.

John Morrison vs. The Miz - Winner to receive an ECW Title match next week.

Morrison rolled up Miz for a two count at the bell and shoved down Miz as he tried to grab an armlock. Miz went for a hammerlock, and Morrison went to the ropes for a break. Morrison tripped Miz, and Miz responded with a slap to the face, a drop toe hold and a kick to the gut. Miz hit some body punches, but Morrison hit a shoulderblock from the ring apron. Morrison tried to jump off the apron and pull Miz throat first across the top rope, but Miz blocked it. Morrison tripped Miz from the floor, but Miz kicked Morrison away. Miz got on the floor, and Morrison finally scored with a move, a flapjack on the security wall. Back in the ring, Morrison hit a few shots, but missed a springboard kick. Miz hit his jumping through the ropes clothesline for a two count, then a face plant. Miz went for the Reality Check, but Morrison rolled up Miz for a two count. Miz reversed into his own rollup for two, then hit a clothesline. Miz choked Morrison against the ropes. Miz backed off a bit, then when he went back towards Morrison, Morrison hit a kick to the gut, then his forward flip neckbreaker for the pin at the four minute mark.

Winner: John Morrison.

Another horror movie-style video package, this one on Mark Henry.

A Cyber Sunday recap was shown.

Another horror movie-style video package, this one on Big Daddy V.

John Morrison had joined the announcers at ringside.

ECW Champion CM Punk vs. James Curtis.

They locked up, and Curtis grabbed a side headlock. Punk reversed and Curtis shoved him to the ropes. Punk hit a shoulderblock. Punk grabbed a headlock, but Curtis backed Punk in a corner and hit some shoulderblocks. Curtis whipped Punk across the ring and hit a clothesline. Curtis did another whip, but Punk dodged a reverse elbow. Punk hit a series of kicks to the head, a running knee in the corner, and a bulldog. Punk hit a springboard clothesline, then the GTS for the pin at the 1:30 mark.

Winner: CM Punk.

John Morrison was already in the ring as the count was finished and ambushed Punk from behind. Morrison laid out Punk with his forward flip neckbreaker. After they showed the replays, we saw Morrison in the aisle, staring at Punk who was holding his neck in the ring.

Monster Mash Battle Royale: Great Khali vs. Mark Henry vs. Big Daddy V vs. Kane.

Everyone seemed to agree to gang up on Kane to start the match, but Henry and BDV were soon disagreeing and began slugging each other while Khali worked over Kane in a corner. BDV and Henry ran into each other and both men went down from simultaneous clotheslines. Kane went for a chokeslam on Khali, but Khali shoved it away and hit a boot to the face. Henry actually lifted Khali, but BDV hit him. Lots of clubbering all around. BDV gave Kane the worst sidewalk slam ever. Khali and Henry went at it in one corner, while Kane and BDV fought in the other. BDV ended up avalanching Khali and Henry together in a corner, then went back to work on Kane. BDV missed an avalanche on Kane in a corner, and Kane hit a clothesline, then shoved BDV over the top rope to eliminate him.

Big Daddy V is eliminated.

Khali put Kane in the Vice Grip, but Henry hit him, so Khali put Henry in the vice grip. Henry and Kane pounded Khali, then sent him over the top rope with a double clothesline.

The Great Khali is eliminated.

Kane hit Henry with a forearm and tried to lift him for a slam, but couldn't do it. Henry it some punches, then ran into a Kane boot to the face. Kane went to the top rope, but jumped into Henry's bear hug. Henry then flung Kane over the top rope to eliminate him, and win the match, at the four minute mark.

Kane is eliminated.

Winner: Mark Henry.

Henry stood triumphant, and the announcers wished us a Happy Halloween to end the show.

Next Week: ECW Champion CM Punk vs. John Morrison (again).