Big Vito Raises $10,300 For Public School Library In NYC

The following press release was sent out earlier today:

Tampa, FL: October 29, 2007 – Through his contacts with the WWE, Marty Lyons, Joe Nameth and other companies and charities, Big Vito was able to raise $10,300 towards the purchase of books for PS30’s Library in Staten Island at a charity event held on October 20th, 2007.

Tickets sold out within 25 minutes. The event itself was a huge success. Big Vito played basketball with the school’s teachers and the 5th graders.

“He was professional and utterly amazing having moved the crowd of 500 people. He made
people who weren't wrestling fans ones now,” said Denise Spina, the school’s principal, “The thing that impressed me most was that he made sure every child on line for an autograph got one.”

“There’s more to wrestling than being a well known personality,” said Big Vito, “I like being able to give back to the community.”

Vito was released from WWE earlier this year and can now be reached for bookings at