Lots of Morning news is reporting that The Rock's new movie "The Game Plan" debuted at number one for Friday night with $6,250,000 in box office receipts. If he can hold off the Jamie Foxx/Jennifer Garner flick "The Kingdom", which is right on its heels, Rock will debut at number one for the week. ... Thanks to Michael Bowen for sending that along.

Former WWE wrestler Lance Storm was not a fan of this week's edition of TNA Impact, ripping the show pretty badly on his website.

A number of readers have sent word that they have seen TV commercials promoting a Batista vs. The Undertaker match for No Mercy. Unless something is going to happen at TV this week to change the existing Batista-Khali match, I would guess it was just another ad snafu by WWE.

One positive that will happen this week is that the talent that was suspended for 30 days due to the Signature Pharmacy growth enhancers scandal will be allowed to return to action. If nothing else, it will bulk up the rosters a bit (pun not intended).

SideshowShan sent this one. ... I just got back from the GI Joe convention in Atlanta. Roddy Piper held a small Q&A with some fans between his signing sessions and told us one of the fan voting options for the Cyber Sunday PPV will be "Who will be the special guest ref for the Great Khali's match?" Piper said fans would vote between himself, Mick Foley, or Steve Austin! Piper also said that if any fans vote for him he would personally come to their house and smack them around because he doesn't want to have anything to do with a Khali match! When will WWE finally see what even a slightly crazy Hall of Famer can see?