Updated WWE One Night Stand PPV coverage

Welcome to our live coverage of the WWE One Night Stand PPV from Jacksonville, FL, with all matches held under extreme rules.

RVD vs. Randy Orton in a stretcher match opens the show. All signs point to no swerve here. They actually did did the swerve, sort of. Van Dam missed a flip dive onto Orton on the stretcher. He was rolling Van Dam on the stretcher but Van Dam made a comeback and put Orton on the stretcher and rolled him across the finish line so RVD won. After the match Orton punted RVD's head and did that top of the head DDT on the floor to lay RVD out. They put Van Dam in a neck brace and took him off on the stretcher. Not nearly the heat for any of this that you'd expect.

Strange Vince interview. He said he has this premonition that is bothering him like a slow-eating cancer, which he told Shane has absolutely nothing to do with tonight's match.

C.M. Punk & Tommy Dreamer & Sandman vs. Elijah Burke & Marcus Cor Von & Matt Striker in a tables match is next. Finish saw Dreamer give Burke a piledriver and put him on the table. Punk then superplexed Striker onto Burke and through the table for the win. Decent match.

Orton noted that his two former partners, Edge and Batista, are wrestling for the title. Orton told Edge that he's on a roll. They claimed RVD got another concussion so that appears to be writing him off. Orton teased going to Smackdown in the draft "Monday" (actually a week from Monday) and challenging Edge for the title.

Hardys vs. Charlie Haas & Shelton Benjamin in the ladder match is next. I feel sorry for the guys having to follow this. The Hardys won when Jeff gave Haas the swanton and Matt climbed the ladder to grab the belt to win. Shelton Benjamin did some incredible things including coming off a ten foot ladder over the top to the floor on the back of Matt's knees and Matt was draped on the apron. There was a spot where Benjamin was supposed to do a springboard dropkick as Jeff was climbing to the top. Benjamin slipped on the top, flipped over and still manage to kick the ladder so Jeff could take the bump off. A few spots were missed. Not as good as the Hardy's vs. Regal & Taylor vs. MNM vs. London & Kendrick, but if there's a match better than this on the show, then you know it's a good show.

Kane vs. Mark Henry is next in the lumberjack match. So sad to see Benoit limited to being a lumberjack with Val Venis, Santino Marella, Balls Mahoney, Stevie Richards, The Miz, Kevin Thorn, Chris Masters, Johnny Nitro, Chavo Guerrero, Kenny Dykstra, Carlito (who, along with Benoit got pops, nobody seemed to care about the rest).

Henry won with the bearhug and the ref stopped the match. Fans still aren't ready for the ref stop finish. Kane had choke slammed Henry, but Kenny Dykstra and Guerrero ran in. Kane choke slammed Dystra, allowing Henry to put on the bearhug. Most of the match was Henry holding the bearhug. If anything, this match was worse than it sounds on paper.

They went backstage and the Hardys and Haas & Benjamin were together in a room being treated. Benjamin said they'd never allow moves like that in the NCAA's. They had a pull-apart brawl.

Vincent Kennedy McMahon vs. Franklin Roberto Lashley is up next for the ECW title in a street fight.

This was a 1-on-3 handicap match with Vince & Shane & Umaga. The finish saw Lashley spear Shane and then spear Vince and get the pin. Lashley speared Vince a second time after the match, so I think that's the symbolic end of the program. A lot of the match was Lashley continually surviving impossible situations. The biggest spot was Shane coming off the top rope with an elbow onto Lashley through one of the announce tables. The match almost didn't get started as the first move was Lashley doing a dive off the top onto Umaga, but he didn't get far enough and landed on his back on the floor. But he got up and was able to do the match. It was the best match of this program.

Santino and Maria are continuing their romance. Maria switched from being a ditz to being a super genius when Todd asked her about the pudding match. Maria kissed Candice for good luck, Santino said "I love America" and Ron Simmons said, well you know.

Candice Michelle vs. Melina in the pudding match is next.

Candice Michelle vs. Melina in the pudding match is next. It was a mud wrestling pool basically. They rolled around in the mud. You know, because WWE has the classiest women on television. Candice put Melina's face in the pudding like she was downing her and Maria tapped. After the match, Melina threw mud at Maria. Maria dove into the pudding and got drenched in it. A ref ended up in there. It was short and it was one of those, "Thank God nobody in your family is around to give you the speech about how you could ever be a wrestling fan moments."

Edge vs. Batista in a cage match is up.

Very good match. They did a photo finish deal. Both were climbing the cage, but Edge gave Batista a low blow. Batista lost his balance and was crotched on the top rope. Edge then climbed over while Batista crawled out the door. Batista touched the ground first but they made a point of emphasizing that it's the feet that has to hit the floor first. Edge's feet his first. As far as a heel winning a cage match, this was pretty clever of a finish. Batista threw a temper tantrum after. Lots of near falls back-and-forth here before the finish. Edge bled from the mouth. That's the first blood on the show. It appears they've saved a lot of tricks for the last match.

John Cena vs. Great Khali headlines the show for the WWE title.

Cena got the pin with an FU off the top of the crane bed onto a crash pad. No blood here either. Mostly brawling. Tons better match than last night and best of their three bouts. Basic easy story. Khali played giant role. Cena kept trying to lift him for the FU and on the third try finally got the move.