Possible dates for Vince's killer to be revealed? ECW as a high level developmental territory

The main storyline in WWE for the next month is going to be who killed Vince McMahon. WWE does have plans to reveal the person(s) behind it but a date is not set in stone yet. One idea is to build it up for a strong Monday Night Raw rating in July, and/or, build it up for a possible buy rate spike for the Great American Bash PPV on July 22nd in San Jose, California.

The reason the supplemental draft was changed from Wednesday to Sunday, was not because of the Vince storyline as WWE would have you believe, it was changed because they felt that having the draft on Wednesday would have gave away some of the results because Smackdown is taped on Tuesday nights and airs on Friday night.

WWE is going forward with the idea of treating ECW as a high level developmental territory to focus on introducing new wrestlers, and wrestlers who are already there with minimal experience to get some national television exposure. WWE believes that no matter who they have on ECW that it will retain it's current 1.4 weekly rating average. A lot of people within WWE feel that Chris Benoit will be on Raw some time in 2008 due to Triple H wanting him there. For now Benoit will remain in ECW as the top star and will be in charge of grooming the younger wrestlers such as Marcus Cor Von and Elijah Burke.

Torrie Wilson was moved to Smackdown because they wanted her to fill the babyface role that Ashley is leaving behind to film the next season of Survivor.

The plans for Snitsky on Raw is to keep him untouchable on the undercard as a strong heel, then some time in 2008 he would be built up enough for a John Cena challenge. This is similar to what WWE did with Umaga with the only difference being that Umaga had a mouthpiece in Armando Estrada.

Regarding the celebrity promos done at last week's Mr. McMahon appreciation night for Monday Night Raw, a lot of people turned down the offer to appear and offer words. WWE had wanted every person that hated Vince, storyline or real life, to appear on the show except for Hulk Hogan and Randy Savage. Because more people turned down the offers than what was expected, it is rumored they may have reached out to Hulk Hogan. Vince had personally asked Steve Austin to appear. WWE gave Austin a script to speak but he instead did his own promo which was fine with Vince. Eric Bischoff had a business conflict. Shawn Michaels and Triple H declined because they felt it would hurt their real returns. Trish Stratus declined because she has moved on with her life. The reason Ashley did a promo, even though she was suspended, is because it was originally written for Trish. Ted Turner's camp laughed at the offer.

Credit: Wrestling Observer Newsletter