FBI Not Happy With WWE; Ashley Massaro, Torrie's Dog

The FBI is not happy that WWE is using their name in the McMahon "death" storyline. The difference between WWE using them and a TV show using them is that WWE doesn't run writer credits at the end of their shows. WWE is perpetrating the FBI's involvement in the case of McMahon's "death" as real and that's why they're upset.

Regarding Ashley and her suspension, the phrase being used for her temporary departure is "she's going away for a while." Also, Ashley posted a new blog on her MySpace page on Wednesday. No mention of the Survivor rumors. She said that she moved from New York to North Carolina last week to be with her family. She also mentions her storyline suspension, but she's "in character" when talking about it. You can read her blog here.

Due to Torrie Wilson's move to SmackDown, has removed the profile of her dog Chloe from the Raw section. She'll probably still appear on camera whenever Torrie has a match though.