ECW On Sci-Fi Results

ECW TV on Sci-Fi Live Report
June 19 in Charlotte, N.C.
Year 2, Week 2 (Week 54 overall) on Sci-Fi

We start the show with a more energetic Joey Styles than solemn Styles last week. They focused on the ECW Title belt ringside to start the show, and plugged Punk vs. Cor Von and Benoit vs. Burke in #1 Contender matches to face off at Vengeance.

After plugging the ECW Title belt, Styles and Tazz went into serious announcer mode and said they can’t believe Mr. McMahon is not here. Styles introduced the images of the past week to describe the oh, so tragic week.

Chris Benoit then came out for the first qualifying match, followed by Burke, who checked out the ECW Title belt ringside.


Burke started with a waistlock, but Benoit countered with a mat hold. We've got a nice start to the mat-based match. They had a stand off in the opening minute, then Benoit ripped off a chop, but Burke rolled him up for a two count. Burke then landed a kick to the back, and whipped Benoit hard into the corner. He put Benoit on the mat and stretched his abs, then knocked him off the apron to the floor. Back in the ring, Benoit came back with a flurry of offense. He executed a second Northern Lights suplex and scored a nearfall. Benoit came back with three rolling German Suplexes before going up top. He went for the diving headbutt, but Burke got his knees up in time. Both men recovered on the mat, then Burke landed a take down for a nearfall. Burke tried to follow with a suplex, but Benoit dropped him on his back for a Sharpshooter attempt. Burke fought it off initially, but he couldn't escape a second time. After a few moments, Burke tapped out, giving Benoit the win.

WINNER: Benoit via submission in 7:00. I'm surprised to see Benoit pick up the win, but I'm intrigued by a possible Benoit vs. Punk match at Vengeance. Even if it's Cor Von vs. Benoit, I'm looking forward to it. Crowd was quiet throughout the match, which might be more of a byproduct of whatever happened at the Smackdown tapings than the quality of action in the ring. (*1/2)

They plugged Punk vs. Cor Von later in the show. Styles and Tazz then plugged the footage of Stephanie McMahon's promo at the end of Raw. It's up next.

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Styles intro'ed Stephanie's promo at the end of Raw last night. And we're reminded that next week's Raw show is three hours of Vince McMahon. Stephanie said Vince is the most important person in her life. Here's a thought: Triple H needs a hot storyline to return to. After the footage aired, Styles and Tazz said they need some clarity in resolving the situation.

The Boogeyman came out without his trusty Little Boogeyman. Already in the ring was Sean Alexander.


Alexander walked into a double-hand grip by Boogeyman, but Boogeyman couldn't get him up. He then tried it again and executed the chokebomb for the win. After the match, Boogeyman dropped worms in Alexander's mouth.

WINNER: Boogeyman in 0:10. What do you do with the guy? Not much, as I would argue he's more limited than Great Khali. (n/a)

Up next is more on the federal investigation.

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Styles did a voice-over on the background of the federal investigator. Mr. Beck spent five years in counter-terrorism intelligence, for whatever it's worth in the storyline. Styles told us Beck spoke with Tommy Dreamer earlier today.



Thorn ran over Dreamer with a shoulder tackle in the opening minute, then Dreamer dripped him up and tried to apply a leg hold, but Thorn reached the bottom rope. Thorn then came back with a lift-up slam with a grip of Dreamer's tights. Some of the fans were growing bored with Thorn's offense and chanted for tables. Dreamer came back with a flying bulldog, then fired up with a suplex, but it was good for a nearfall only. Dreamer grabbed his left knee and ankle in pain, then Thorn caught him in the corner and flung him hard on his back before making a pin. After the match, the ref checked on Dreamer, who told the ref that he's hurt.

WINNER: Thorn in 3:00. Dreamer's injury, legit or work, distracted from Thorn's victory, but WWE can't figure it out how to get Thorn over without Ariel. Crowd was quiet throughout, which seems to be the story of this show. I'm curious to see what they did to kill the audience at the Smackdown taping based on this crowd silence. (1/2*)

They showed footage of the remnants of the burned limo. Up next is more on that.

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Styles warned us of graphic footage up next. They went to the end of Raw eight days ago when Vince stepped into the limo and it blew up at the exact moment he closed the door. They showed us the firefighter training video again.

Johnny Nitro came out to the ring for a match. Nunzio was already in the ring.


Nunzio went for a waistlock in the opening minute, then he caught Nitro with a headlock take over. Nitro then answered with a springboard kick to the face for a nearfall. He followed with a twisting leg drop for another nearfall. Nunzio came back with an offensive attack as Tazz and Styles listed all of the Italian food references they could come up with. Nunzio went for a clothesline, but Nitro countered into a swinging neckbreaker for a nearfall. Nitro then finished off Nunzio with a forward roll necksweep for the win.

WINNER: Nitro in 4:00. Even Steven match, which didn't exactly give Nitro a ton of momentum in his first match since switching brands. (3/4*)

Backstage, Marcus Cor Von told Elijah Burke not to worry about losing to Benoit. He said he would take care of Punk tonight, then go on to Vengeance and beat Benoit for the ECW Title. He slapped Burke hard across the back, and said don't worry. Burke didn't respond, and just grimaced.


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The Miz's Reality Check is back. We saw a video package on Miz's er ... finer moments.

Backstage, Extreme Expose oogled over Miz. Brooke said Miz is so hot and she can't wait for Miz to come over to ECW. Brooke asked Kelly Kelly if she could hook them up. Brooke dejectedly said maybe. Brooke left, then Leyla slowly asked Kelly if she was with Miz last weekend. Kelly, doing her best Valley girl imitation, said, "Leyla, mind your own business." She left, leaving Leyla alone in the locker room. Great, a storyline over women fighting over Miz.

Marcus Cor Von walked out for the main event contender match.

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Cor Von was in the ring as his Family Matters theme song wrapped up, then C.M. Punk came out to a strong reception.


Punk caught Cor Von with a high crossbody block in the opening minute for a nearfall. He then followed with boots to the stomach, before Cor Von caught him with a modified STO. Cor Von showboated while Tazz put over the importance of the ECW Title. Cor Von went to work on Punk's left shoulder and settled into a hammerlock on the mat.

[Q5 -- over-run]

Punk reached his feet, then flipped out of Cor Von's hold before walking into a fallaway slam, ala Scott Hall. Both men reached a standing position, and Cor Von sent Punk hard into the corner before Punk caught him with an elbow and big boot. He then landed a clothesline from the second rope. Punk sent Cor Von into an opposite corner for the high knee smash before landing a bulldog in center ring. Punk then tried to land a splash, but Brown snapped him over with a nasty powerslam, with Punk landing on his neck. Punk went limp, then Cor Von executed a double underhook overhead slam. Cor Von went for a corner splash, but Punk moved and caught him with the Go 2 Sleep. Crowd popped, then Pink made the cover for the win.

WINNER: Punk in 7:00. Slow, methodical match. Crowd wasn't going to give the wrestlers the benefit of the doubt, but it was a decent match despite the blown spot near the end. (*1/2)

After the match, Benoit's music hit and he came to the ring for a staredown with Punk. His music stopped, then the two men had a stare down in center ring. Benoit extended his hand, then Punk shook it and the crowd applauded. That's a nice conclusion to the show to, gasp, promote a PPV match.