WWE News: More backstage news on Vince/Stephanie/HHH, update on SNME

Despite how close it is, there are still no concrete plans for entirety of Saturday Night’s Main Event nor the One Night Stand PPV. The creative team is still scrambling to put the shows together at the last minute. As previously reported, One Night Stand was moved from New York City to Jacksonville in fear of the protest that may come from ECW fans.

Vince has lately be handing off some of his backstage duties to Stephanie McMahon ever since WrestleMania. Vince used to direct the shows, but the job has largely fallen on Stephanie and HHH as of late. Steph and HHH are now watching from the guerrilla position, joined by Vince only for the latter part of the show once his on-air duties are done.

Credit - Wrestling Observer Newsletter