WWE Divas Speak on Paris Hilton

This weeks edition of Diva Dish on features Ariel, Michelle McCool and Chloe speaking on the recent event of which Paris Hilton was sent to jail for 45 days. Here is some of the things the Divas had to say:


“Paris Hilton – she got exactly what she deserved. Who does she think she is?” ECW’s Ariel hissed. “Daddy can’t bail her out all the time.”

Michelle McCool

“As far as going to jail, honestly, I feel like if you do it, you have to pay the consequences, and that’s what’s she’s doing,” she said. “Tough luck. Maybe it’ll teach her a lesson and hopefully it’ll teach a lot of other people a lesson, in my opinion.”


“Woof! Woof!” Chloe barked. (Translation: “Oh no – who will take care of Tinkerbell while Paris is in the clink?!”)

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