JR Speaks On Jericho's Return to WWE And More

Jim Ross has updated his blog at today. In this edition, he speaks on the recent releases of superstars, "The Condemned", Jericho and the WWE and more. Here are a few things he had to say:

On The Recent Superstar Releases

I have been asked to comment on a variety of situations where wrestlers have been released from the WWE or other companies, especially in recent weeks. From my experience, no one involved in this process enjoys it. It is never a good day when someone loses their job. Trust me, as I have been on both sides of the coin on this matter. For anyone to surmise that people in management enjoy making others’ lives miserable is borderline ignorant. Releasing talent is somewhat of a subjective thing at times, and is a judgment call in many instances. Sometimes the releasing of talent is long past due and inevitable and usually is a group decision to a large degree. I have had the task of releasing wrestlers who were probably provided too many “second chances” in hindsight, but even though these aforementioned wrestlers needed to leave, it did not make it any easier. There are usually good reasons for talent being released, including the talent being unhappy and “wanting out.” Dismissals are somewhat like injuries, in that when the roster changes, it gives others the opportunity to “run with the ball.” Here again lies another misconception – that management TOTALLY controls who “steps up” and who doesn’t. “Stepping up” is a personal choice and if more young talents would do things when they are in the ring to distinguish themselves, we would not be receiving the same questions over and over about why “wrestler X” is “being held back.” Wrestlers are on the road 51 weeks a year with most of those events not televised. Wrestlers have many chances to step up and “steal the show” at these events, plus conduct themselves as a professional during these tours. Does that mean that wrestling management hasn’t missed on some talents? Of course not. That has happened many times in the past and will continue in the future. People in management are human too, and can make mistakes. I know I have, but I can honestly say if a talent does consistently good work, regularly overachieves, noticeably improves in the ring and on the mic and conducts one’s self as a professional, that good things happen more often than not. With today’s alarming lack of depth in quality main event level talent, there has been no better time in my career for young wrestlers, many of whom would not even have been on the deeper, more talent friendly main rosters of a generation or two ago, their best chance to move up the ladder and into main event-land. Yes, it is a “team” effort, as to the development of superstar main event level wrestlers, but too often management is given all the blame for a wrestler not being featured.

On Jericho and the WWE

Finally, many have inquired about the possible return of Chris Jericho to the WWE. As I have mentioned before I think this is simply a personal decision Chris needs to make, because even this old Okie can figure out that the WWE could use a reinvigorated superstar like Chris Jericho, as could any similar organization. If the playing field is level and Chris is comfortable in all aspects of his potential return, I think Chris will pull the trigger and come back to the WWE. As we have said here before, if all the i’s can be dotted and the t’s crossed to Chris’ satisfaction, I think there is a better than a 50/50 chance of Jericho returning to the WWE this year. He’s one talented son of a gun.

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