JBL Hoping To Compete, MVP's Reputation, Carlito Translated

JBL politicked to return to the ring despite all of his injuries. However, Vince McMahon nixed it by saying he wanted a full medical release, but others believe it's because he's becoming such a fixture on the broadcasting side.

MVP is very popular backstage and is considered to be Chris Benoit's personal project. Benoit is teaching him the ropes and wants him to become a champion.

On Raw, Carlito went on a rant against Torrie Wilson in Spanish. Here's a translation: "You're a dime–a–dozen dirty blonde. You're not worth a cent. To me, you're nothing, understand? I hate the day that we met. I don't know why I let you into me life. I want you to get out of here. I want you to go to hell, you understand? You're not worth a cent, you understand? Dumb blonde. (Torrie slaps him and leaves the ring.) Leave then. Go on. Leave. I don't need you. I don't you need you for anything. Leave. Leave running and crying, just like that. Leave. (To the fans) And you - you know full well that I'm the best in this company. Those other guys back there haven't wrestled, and you've never wrestled. The best thing to arrive ever in this company is named Carlito."

sources: Wrestling Observer Newsletter, Pro Wrestling Torch