Backstage News On The Release Of Sabu

WWE issued a statement on their website confirmed the release of former ECW World champion Sabu, something which has been almost expected to happen for weeks now. According to one source, the plan for tonight’s ECW TV was for Sabu to put over Kevin Thorn. Sabu balked at the idea, claiming he had a bad neck injury.

There are some in the locker room who believe that Sabu arrived late to the tapings on purpose this week, expecting to be sent home since he’s made rumblings that he is unhappy working for the company. This isn’t the first time he has arrived to events without his gear either, including a TV taping a few weeks back where he had to wear Daivari’s gear instead.

There are rumors that there was some sort of incident involving Sabu which took place over the weekend in Cincinnati, but those are just rumors for now and nothing has been confirmed about the alleged incident.

Reported by Andy Steven on