WWE News: Even more on the Randy Orton situation, WWE’s plans for Santino Morella

When the story of Randy Orton’s trashed hotel room first got out people in the locker room under the impression that he had been fired on the spot, which obviously wasn't the case. There are now reports coming out that the damages to his hotel room were in excess of $50,000. Orton is definitely in hot water right now and there are people within the company who are surprised that he still hasn’t been fired yet. WWE officials are very upset about the situation, especially after having given him so many chances in the past, but it doesn‘t look like they will be releasing or suspending him.

The plan for Santino Morella is to give him quite a good push on TV without having him completely dominate his opponents. As of late last week, Morella’s win was not planned to be just a one shot deal, and he will be pushed as a legitimate character.

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