Steve Austin speaks on WWF/WCW, wrestling again, and more

Thanks to Joseph Daoud and for the following recap of Steve Austin's interview on The Hour with George Stropolopolis on CBC:

They started with a 90 second clip of his career and a clip from the movie The Condemned.

-He said that wrestling was his life long dream and his role model was Dusty Rhodes.

-Acting was opened to him during the peek of the Austin Era but he wanted to stay with the WWF.

-He said that most of his money came from merchandise sales.

-Wanted to prove WCW wrong when they said that he isn't marketable.

-Did 13 Episodes of Nash Bridges and they wanted to do a spin off of the character.

-Said that his stepfather made him a better person

-Hates that some people let the fame go to their heads. He says he stays humble.

-After the break he said that he watched the SummerSlam 1997 incident 30 to 40 times a day but now he watches it every now and then to get a reality check.

-Said that he was buddies with Owen and what happened at Over the Edge was a "bad deal"

-Said he was in the ring wrestling The Undertaker when he got the news of Owen's death.

-He said he could work as a top star for 2 years at WWE's schedule but says he isn't and will never be at the 120% he was before and he is only now 99%.

-Says he is looking 15 years down the line.

-Told the director to "take care of him".

- Took 2 years for the movie to complete.

-Says he would love to do action movies if he is still having fun and his fan base enjoys it

-When asked if he would do "Brokeback Mountain" roles, he laughed and said he would pass.

Interview ended there.