Huge Wrestlemania News: Biggest Entrance, First Match & More

Here are a few late Wrestlemania 23 notes courtesy of Dave Meltzer (

- John Cena will have the biggest entrance on the show, something "Motor City" themed with cars.

- The Money in the Bank match will open 'Mania which pretty much shows WWE want it to steal the show and go down in history.

- The Undertaker/Batista match will likely be a "powerhouse" brawl with both extra motivated because they wanted to be the main event.

- Shane McMahon wanted to open the show with the same role that Vince did, to stand in the squared circle and perhaps introduce Aretha Franklin. His sister Stephanie wasn't too impressed with the idea and tried to bury it to anyone who would listen.

- Eugene, Fabulous Moolah, Mae Young, and Dr. of Style, Slick are just some of the individuals who will be in some sort of a dance contest.