Live WWE Judgment Day Coverage May,20th

Welcome to our live coverage of Judgment Day today from the Scottrade Center in St. Louis. We're looking for your thoughts on tonight's show.

We're opening with Ric Flair vs. Carlito.

Long match. Flair won clean via tap with the figure four. Crowd was very into Flair and gave him a standing ovation when he won. Flair looked better than he has in a long time. Major compliments should go to Jim Ross who did a tremendous job in getting over the psychology and story of the match. Carlito also looked better than he's looked in a long time.

Randy Orton just smashed Shawn Michaels' head into a metal backdrop of the interview area. They rushed so far in and out of this it was like a TNA angle, and cut right to a pre-McMahon match video. Michaels acknowledged he was hurt without quite saying it, just saying there were rumors he wouldn't be there (were there?) but he's there.

VKM & Shane & Umaga vs. Bobby Lashley for the ECW title is being plugged right now. Lashley speared Umaga and pinned Shane after an Oklahoma Stampede in 1:00. Vince never got in. Vince's hair has grown back so no more do rag. Umaga gave Lashley the Samoan spike after the match. Vince then announced that since he wasn't pinned, it wasn't a title change.

They had the doctor say Shawn Michaels won't be allowed to do his match. They did it in a way where you'd think he will do it, but who knows.

Elijah Burke vs. C.M. Page, I mean Punk. They went much longer than you'd think, closing in on 17:00. Way too long for these two and this crowd. They laid out a good match but the execution in sports was real bad. Crowd was up for the finish and for some of the big moves, but they were cold most of the way. I think if you're a fan of Punk you'll say it was good, and if you're not, you'll say this match proved beyond any doubt you were right. Lots of near falls. Japanese style, but a not very good Japanese match.

Shawn Michaels vs. Randy Orton, whatever it turns out to be, is next. Officially, Orton won in 4:00 when the ref stopped it as Michaels collapsed trying to deliver a superkick. Michaels' facials and selling was beyond compare. Shawn's wife Rebecca hit the ring after Orton did a post-match RKO. For a last appearance, I'd have done a lost more violent angle to put heat on Orton for all this, but maybe that wasn't possible. Michaels is going out on a stretcher. Rebecca is in hysterics. They are selling this as big even though actually nothing big happened.

Hardys vs. Lance Cade & Trevor Murdoch for the Raw tag titles are next. Usual Hardys match, with Jeff selling after missing a dive. They came back and pinned Cade after a twist of fate by Matt and swanton by Jeff. All four shook hands after. Best match so far tonight.

Edge vs. Batista for the World title is up now. Edge won with a schoolboy after Batista's knee "gave way" doing a spinebuster. I'm guessing they are running late because I can't see giving this 10:00 and giving Punk vs. Burke 17:00. Decent, but not the level you expect of a world title match.

Asking the divas who will win between Cena vs. Khali. Jillian said that Khali is hot. Maria picked Batista. Torrie Wilson wasn't there.

Benoit vs. MVP 2/3 falls is next.
MVP won the first fall with the playmaker after Benoit's knee gave out on an electric chair. MVP won in two straight falls. He worked the knee the entire second fall and won with an inside cradle. No crowd heat, partially because it was late and partially because it was all on the mat and so similar to matches already held. Weakest Benoit PPV match in a long time.

Cena vs. Khali is next. Cena won clean in the middle with the STFU. People were into it and it wasn't bad at all. Short match. I'm surprise they blew it off with so little heel depth.

Thanks for joining us.